Game theory to help robots interact safely with humans

Researchers have for the first time used game theory to programme a robot that can un

Netflix Toronto production hub to create 1,850 jobs annually

Netflix Inc said on Tuesday it is creating a production hub with two studios in Toron

Japanese experts to assist Indian architects develop bullet train stations

Japanese consultants will join hands with Indian architects to develop the 12 propose

Google's new tool can help you make our planet healthy

Google has teamed up with the California Academy of Sciences to launch an interactive

Transfer your text to digital devices with Xiaomi's smart notepad

Xiaomi has introduced a smart notepad called “Bamboo Slate Portable Smart Notepad” th

Jury orders Samsung to pay Apple $533 million in iPhone case

A federal court juryon Thursday ordered Samsung to pay Apple USD 533 million for copy

Covid-19 impact: Organised retail sector staring at NPAs worth Rs 25,000 crore; industry sends SOS to PMO, FinMin

The first to shut down and considered to be the last to open back amid Covid-19 outbr

One company in Kerala is laughing all the way to the bank thanks to Malayalis' love for booze

Kerala is often discussed as a graveyard for business Few companies thrive because o

Zomato raises $210 million from Alipay Singapore

Zomato is raising $210 million from Alibaba "s payment affiliate Alipay Singapore, whi

Unilever defends plan to go Dutch in charm offensive before vote

Unilever executives remain confident that shareholders will back a move to base a new


东正金融日前公告,公司及联席全球协调人(代表包销商)经考虑目前市况后,已同意将发售价调低至每股H股3 06港元。此前,东正金融的发行价定为每股H股4 2港元至6 3港元之

Future Supply Chain will manage goods worth Rs 200k crore via distribution centers, says Kishore Biyani

In line with its retail 3 0 strategy, Future Group would be investing Rs 1,000 crore

Gold likely to break $2,000/oz, says David Mitchell of Indigo Precious Metals

This risk aversion in the equity market lifted gold prices to a 6-year high David Mi

NSE aims to be price determinant of gold in India, says CEO Vikram Limaye

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) on Friday launched commodity derivatives segment Vi


日本股市在连续八天盘中交易疲软标志着2019年的最终结算后,在新年初中美贸易协议的预期的推动下,于12月26日上涨。日经指数在格林尼治标准时间0147上涨0 42%,至2

Tejas Khoday:大宗商品交易商到折扣经纪公司创始人的旅程

Shishir Asthana很少有人成功地从交易者身上走过,成为成功的经纪人。他们通常对自己的交易,自由和所产生的金钱感到满意。但是,很少有人喜欢通过成为经纪人并帮助交

市场播客/ 2019年牛市最令人讨厌;所有人都在关注2020年预算以振兴经济

在本期《市场播客》的特别版中,资金控制编辑Santosh Nair与CNBC-TV18 Anuj Singhal的股票编辑讨论了市场在2019年的表现。两人还谈到了202

CG Power专利:Gautam Thapar引用了董事会的批准,拒绝了基金滥用的指控

根据他提交给政府的文件,前CG Power Industrial Solutions的非执行主席Gautam Thapar引用了董事会对各种公司间贷款的定期批准,驳斥了有


SAMHI Hotels已获得市场监管机构SEBI的批准,将通过首次公开募股筹集约180-200亿卢比。根据SEBI可获得的信息,该公司已于9月份向监管机构提交了IPO文